Below is a collection of all my current projects. Expect me to add on as I love staying busy! If you have any questions, please contact me HERE.

Vape Chemist

The majority of my how I make a living is in the vape/e-cig space. Vape Chemist is an e-liquid line I started back in October of 2013 and continues to grow year after year. It has enabled me to learn how to master the Shopify e-commerce platform, inventory management, logistics, daily operations and SEO.


Wick and wire

Wick and Wire is another vape business I started with two close friends back in the Summer of 2013. We make clothing dedicated to the vaping lifestyle. We are famously known for our well designed vape/e-cig holders. This brand has allowed me to exercise everything I have learned from Vape Chemist with the addition of Fulfillment by Amazon. It also servers as a big creative outlet for me in accessory design.


everything acai

This is a side project I recently started over the Summer of 2016 that is dedicated for my love acai bowls. I have been using instagram as a platform to build an audience. While concentrating on mainly the SoCal area, I hope to become an authority within the acai/superfood space. This is more of a long term project that requires consistency and a whole lot of patience. Nothing but positive vibes from the community!