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I have been chasing a moment all my life

I have been chasing a moment all my life

I'm sharing this with the 4-5 people on my friends list who have taken a certain path.

This is not to the wantrepreneurs. This is for the ones that have already taken steps to success and happiness. We suffer from depression and anxiety to make it. And prove everyone wrong.

Not given anything.

Nothing handed down.

The ones who are building their own luck.

2018 is the year of execution. Its not too late. You don't have to follow the rest. I've started businesses with the the original intent to be rich. I have failed many times and still not giving up. Years pass and money is not the motivation anymore. Freedom from a boss and being able to pay rent with the money I've earned on my own are some of my small victories. But I need more.

You talk to me. I listen. I give free advice cause that's what I like to do. You can hear it in my voice when we talk. I only ask for your story in return to inspire me once again. I am not a leader. I can't even manage people.

There is no more stability in your safe job. You get hired. You work. You get laid off. And you're still at square one. Maybe you hate your job. You should do something about it. Maybe you love your job and this entrepreneurship thing is not your thing. Good. This post is still not about you. Again, it's to the 4-5 people.

Keep working. Stop being negative. Dodge the negativity coming your way. Distance yourself from those who bring you down. Do it with grace.

Find love. Find happiness. Maybe it will never happen. But still, try. Cause at least regret is not on your list.

My PASSION is my TORTURE. And the torture is tolerable.

Not here to offend anyone who disagree. I know I'm different. I think different. I'm also awkward. I don't care. My opinion is subjective. And so is yours.

I write these long posts from time to time as therapy. So please pardon my moments. The following video resonates with me.


30-Day Customer Retention Experiment

30-Day Customer Retention Experiment