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Always Have a Daily Routine

Always Have a Daily Routine


I originally was going to write this post about having a daily routine based on a full-time entrepreneur (because that's what I am) but I realized that it was important even for part timers, no matter how little time you think you have. I also felt like I would be discouraging half my readers who were still working towards their independent goals. Anyways here it goes...

Just cause your working for yourself doesn't mean you get to slack off. I mean... yeah you don't have to answer to anyone but in order to keep this lifestyle that you worked so hard for, you got to get shit done! Staying on top of your daily operations, continuing to market and selling can be quite overwhelming but if you schedule out your action items, you can start calling yourself The Executioner. (FYI- Action Jackson would have been too generic. I think?)

Instead of me just telling you how critical it is to have a daily routine, I thought it would be far more effective to just give you a glimpse of my day. Below is a rough timeline for me on a typical work day. Keep in mind this is not everyday but I can assure you that this type of day occurs 2-3 times a week.

830am - Wake up.
9am - Breakfast. I alternate days between 2 soft boiled eggs and a bulletproof coffee
910am - Admin stuff. This includes answering emails, writing up invoices, collecting payments, etc. This part can take 10 minutes or 2 hours depending on how busy it is. As I work, I make sure to stay up to date on my podcasts that keep me motivated. Shopify Masters and the MFCEO are my go-to's here. 

11am - Hit social media to execute already curated content. This involves updating facebook pages and instagram accounts. After I finish my posts, I'm usually browsing other competitors and random hashtags to stay up to date on whats happening in my industry.

1130am - Read a chapter from a book. I always feel its important to keep your mind moving. I don't really do fiction. The majority of my readings are from self helps and biographies that inspire and motivate me. Try and make time for this!

12pm - Workout. I have a regular gym membership to do weights and cardio but I'm also signed up through Orange Theory for HIIT workouts that keep things fun.

115pm - Lunch time. By this time, I'm pretty hungry. Some would say to keep this light but I usually try and eat more carbs than I would for dinner so that I have the rest of the day to burn this off. While eating, I usually hit Youtube for either a Gary Vee video since he updates content everyday.

2pm - Admin stuff. Check email again, website maintenance, execute any marketing tasks.
3pm - Research and update calendar. I typically try and reach out to potential clients via phone or email. I also have become such a Google calendar junkie since it allows me to stay organized. Personal and business events are always updated. I used to just work off of my email but I realized that this can take more time and can be very stressful.

5pm - Open. This is a wildcard time. Sometimes its a gym sesh that I wasn't able to get in from earlier or its me working on side projects such as this blog. 

630pm - Follow ups. I usually review reports of what left the 3PL warehouse and send follow up emails which are typically tracking numbers to accounts. 

730pm - Dinner. If I'm up for it or if I have no plans to go out, I try and cook one of my Plated meals or learn a new recipe. Personally, I feel that cooking is a great way to relax. No need to stress myself over financial or marketing decisions. Just give me an easy to follow recipe and I will take stab at it. Plus as a single guy, you got to learn how to cook to save money and also cook for the ladies! 

10pm - Stay ahead or Shutdown. If I'm super backed up on work, I try and get a head start on the next day. Sometimes I get weird creative sparks around this time in which I immediately have to act on it. If I'm all caught up then I try and shutdown mentally. Usually this involves youtube, hulu, netflix or local news. 

1am - Bedtime. I know this is late but I'm trying to be better at this! 

So that's what a typical routine day looks like. Now if you are that part-time 'I'm still trying to get my business off the ground while I work a 9 to 5' entrepreneur whom I mentioned earlier, then you can easily prioritize and cut out a lot. From the time you get off at 530pm till bedtime, you can choose to do the following:

-Shorten your 1-1.5 hr gym time to a 30 minute high intensity workout
-Have a quick healthy dinner in order to free up more time
-Eliminate TV time and focus on building your business

Creating your daily routine will allow you to be more efficient with your time and create healthy habits. It's going to come down to how bad you want it. Positivity and success lies within consistency, execution and celebrating small victories. 

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